Township V. COAST


by ZROBIM architects

by the big water

The great Volga is the main idea - forming factor for the township. The river in our context sets a powerful conceptual landmark, it depends on both the general stylistics of architecture, and the planning framework, elements of improvement, and all positioning, including the name and logo of the village, is built around the river identity.

  • Location: v. Sloboda, Tver region
  • Area: 25,6 ha
  • Project scale: 210 households
  • Year: 2023
River identity
First waterfront
Close connection with nature
Unified design code
Cubic formula

Township general plan



We took into account the wishes of the project customer and segmented the building into three blocks, which influenced its typology. The distinctive feature of this project is the balance of territories with a central point of attraction. In such large-scale projects, we are used to creating branched systems of landscape-recreational zones throughout its area. Here we take into account the concentration in the original cadastral designation of the land and take the pier as the starting point of the project.



Analysis of the territory

Working on projects of such a scale always begins at the stage of analyzing the input data. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of the location, which form the basis of the concept of the township and around which the entire project is built in the future.

Advantages of the territory

  1. View accents on the river
  2. Formed forest arrays
  3. View accents on forest arrays
  4. Proximity to a resort for relaxation
  5. Beautiful nature
  6. Access to water

Disadvantages of the territory

  1. Lack of a paved road to the site
  2. Lack of developed infrastructure
  3. Distance from the city

Travel time


Accessibility radii


Orientation to the cardinal points


View accents


Sources of inspiration

Both the architectural appearance of the houses and the elements of the project improvement were built around the river and ship theme, emphasizing the proximity and enhancing the connection with the Volga.


View accents on forest arrays

The territory is rich in forest arrays, dense trees creating natural tunnels, and wild vegetation that gives the place a unique character.


View accents on the river

The river meanders smoothly among green fields and wooded banks. This creates view accents where you can enjoy picturesque sunsets and sunrises, watch the flow of water.

Access to water

The river and lakes allow guests to swim, engage in water sports, and simply enjoy the coolness and beauty of the water expanses. This is a great place for swimming, picnicking on the beach, and water walks.


Proximity to a resort for relaxation, as well as having your own

Near the township there is a resort offering a variety of leisure and entertainment options. Guests can visit restaurants, spas, pools, and participate in various entertainment events. Thus, natural relaxation is combined with comfortable living.

Unified design code


We built the aesthetics strategy together with the customer and sought inspiration in the same river motifs: metal portholes, shapes of a sail blowing in the wind, deck board, etc. We have rethought these elements and reproduced them in this project.

A single design code is transmitted in the details of the landscaping and exterior of the complex, gently flowing into the aesthetics of the interiors of the houses and creating a single visual composition.

A calm, unified light palette of materials combined with smooth lines refers to river architecture and the correct speed of life.


Housing typology

In order to satisfy the diverse needs of the residents of the Volga coast, we have divided all the houses of the township into three main segments: Comfort, Comfort+ and Business. Each type of house is designed taking into account different requirements and the resident’s budget, giving them the opportunity to choose the optimal housing that suits their preferences.


  • V. COAST
    270 м²
  • V. COAST
    270 м²
  • V. COAST
    250 м²


  • V. COAST
    173 м²
  • V. COAST
    150 м²
  • V. COAST
    173 м²


  • V. COAST
    105 м²

Residents of the Volga coast are people who actively enjoy life, appreciate comfort and modern conveniences. They understand that to achieve harmony and satisfaction, it is important to leave room for the most important thing: for themselves and their loved ones. Regardless of the choice of segment, the common feature remains the desire for a high quality of life and harmony with nature.

Organization of public space


The public central core of the project is a pier that pulls all pedestrian traffic into the heart of the township with a red thread: to a recreation center with a restaurant, sports grounds, private and public boat stations, direct exits to the water. Each resident of the township will be able to rent a boat or go down to the water on their private one.





Entrance group

The very first visual and physical contact occurs here. The entrance group is an important architectural element that affects the functionality, safety, and aesthetic perception of the township.





Pedestrian and boulevard networks

The pedestrian infrastructure is solved within the framework of the boulevard system: streets, with one-way traffic and a picturesque boulevard in the centre, contrastingly intertwine with threads with the central walking pier and meet together at the starting point.



  • One-way travel
  • Traffic calmers
  • Boulevard



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