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Dreaming of an architectural business?

ZROBIM architects is expanding and looking for partners all over the world.

We offer you the opportunity to open an office of the ZROBIM architects brand in your city and prosper together with us at your local market.

ZROBIM architects is an international architecture firm that has been on the market for over 10 years. Our portfolio includes projects in over 16 countries on all continents. In addition to our headquarters in Minsk, we have offices in New York, Tbilisi, Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Almaty.

We are already in 7 countries

We are already in 7 countries

Belarus Minsk Russia Moscow St. Petersburg Poland Warsaw Ukraine Kyiv Georgia Tbilisi Kazakhstan Almaty USA New York
Professional crew

Our team always strives to apply in its projects the latest achievements of the world architecture and design.
We see our mission in changing the world around us through quality conceptual architecture.

Passionate about spreading our vision and growing beyond our current state, we are keen to venture out into new possibilities and one that could really join us with that is an ambitious, driven partner.

Join and change the world with us!


Franchise benefits


Thanks to our brand reputation, you'll be able to attract a wide pool of clients and become self-sufficient in a short period of time



The design market is growing rapidly today, offering the opportunity to earn up to 500,000 USD per year



Minimal operating expense: a team of one architect and a supervisor is sufficient for a smooth workflow


of the model

You attract clients and get orders, and we do all the work on the project


Saving money
from the get-go

We'll set you up with everything you need for a quick launch, and we'll give recommendations on the areas on which you can save money



We don't just transfer technology, but help in all aspects of daily activities, promotion and work with clients

Cost of the Franchise
20 000 $
70 000 $
Initial Investment
up to 1 year
Payout time
What if?

What's included in the franchise kit?

Financial model

You will have a working model to calculate the profitability of the project and make a decision on its launch


We help with recruitment and interview your candidates

Design project

We will develop a design for your office, provide a list of necessary equipment and requirements for it


You will be assigned a personal supervisor to advise you on any issues that may arise in the course of your work

You will receive all the tools for effective work:

  • a guide to driving the business
  • recommended staff management structure and requirements for applicants
  • standards and instructions on working with clients, accounting and monitoring the performance of the office
  • all necessary forms of documentation
  • working CRM-system for quality accounting and control operations

We have a strong focus on promoting our brand:

  • we provide the right to use our company name, logo, visualization elements
  • your local website with promotion 
  • your local firm will be properly promoted on the Internet
  • your office will be included in the list of points on our homepage and other corporate resources
  • we take upon ourselves full support in carrying out your orders

We are already in 7 countries

Belarus Minsk Russia Moscow St. Petersburg Poland Warsaw Ukraine Kyiv Georgia Tbilisi Kazakhstan Almaty USA New York