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Architectural design: what do you know about this?

Individual building design means no compromise

It all starts with your idea of a house construction. An inexperienced client doesn’t realize at once whether it is better for him to order an individual dwelling project made by Minsk company or to purchase a finished design via the Internet in any spot on the globe. Both the ideas have right to exist. A knowledgeable customer should be aware of the fact that not any house or cottage project bought abroad can be implemented in Minsk. Such designs must be adapted to Belarusian construction materials, building regulations and climatic conditions.

Before becoming our client you should ascertain for sure:

  • whether you want to buy a ready house type design;
  • or to order the project that will meet real desires…

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Individual building design means no compromise

Individual house design

Our clients are people intending to get not a featureless cottage, but a unique house with impressive original architecture. An individual design of a house will help to reveal the whole beauty of a lot, to plan space rationally and considering all the preferences.

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