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Project description

The basic idea and philosophy of this house is built around its surroundings. We had at our disposal a large plot with a small relief and a view of the mountains. There is a very dense forest on the plot, which for the most part we left, having entered the house as immersed as possible in this context.

Architecture dissolves into the environment. This is helped by the extensive overhangs of the roof, as well as a large amount of glazing, which creates a reflection of the surrounding landscape on the facade.

The whole complex consists of two houses: main and guest. The main house is divided into functional areas: a common area, a spa block and a sleeping area on the second floor. The spa block is located in such a way that it can be comfortably used equally privately by both guests staying in the guest house and the owners, while not violating each other's privacy.

1st floor plan

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

2st floor plan

2nd floor plan
Explication of the plan

Plan of 1 floors of the guest house

3rd floor plan
Explication of the plan

Plan of 2 floors of the guest house

4th floor plan
Explication of the plan

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