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The office of ZROBIM architects in Almaty fully reflects the concept of the studio: smart minimalism. Getting into the office, we are met by a waiting area behind a partition, since this area is at the entrance and also a walk-through, the partition allows us to make it more private and comfortable.

The entire office space is divided into several zones, to highlight which we used levitating podiums with lighting and color accents. So, we have a bright waiting area at the entrance, on the left side of it there is a quieter meeting room behind a glass partition to isolate ourselves from the sounds of the office, and on the right side there is a bright working area of the office with a small kitchen.

We have executed the entire interior of the office in a single style and color scheme, so the zones smoothly flow into each other, creating a positive experience of perception and interaction with the space.

1st floor plan

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

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