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SIMPLE restaurant is located within the historical building of factory-kitchen, 2 Sverdlova street, Minsk, Belarus. It was built in 1936 in constructivism style designed by architect Gruber. The interior design of present restaurant was designed by the architect-designer Natalia Raksha of “ZROBIM ARCHITECTS” studio.

The architect was tasked with designing the interior to capture and reflect the concept of the institution's kitchen, which shows an easy style reflecting the restaurant’s name - SIMPLE. The restaurant is to serve modern experimental Belarusian cuisine produced entirely from local products. The interior has been filled out utilizing as many furnishings from a previous location as possible and to supplement these with items produced by local craftsmen and brands wherever possible. 

The main objective of the internal layout was to devide the area into zones which provided large bright spaces without the construction of additional partitions. In order to satisfy this criteria it was necessary to design various scenarios for accommodating guest occupying one small space while offering different options for comfort and low and high-level seating.

The interior design has been arranged to a accentuate the wine cabinet and sommelier table which are strategically important areas within the restaurant.

In order to achieve this, the designer has zoned the space with the contrast of black and white. The design has generally achieved the client objectives of revising  most of the original furniture by remodeling, restoring and repainting tables and chairs, and by integrating sofas into the central zone.

The central focal point is a black glossy bar counter which is made of porcelain stoneware with a pattern of black marble. The concept of the design of this element was to make it appear weightless by dissolving into its surroundings. A similar style of lighting  has been used throughout the restaurant, thereby combining different areas to give the feeling of  spaciousness.

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