Private house

Project description

When working on this interior, we had to take into account the corridor division of the house into 2 blocks: a private master block of the owners of the house and a guest/children's block. Therefore, in order to achieve unity of space, we decided to use a deep graphite color for the hallway, wardrobe and corridor axis, which serves as a guide to the left and right wings of the house.

The main concept of the interior is an organic combination of space with a single style for all rooms. At the same time, the rooms in this project are quite airtight and have ceiling height differences. Therefore, our main task was to achieve a smooth transition from zone to zone.

We used the technique of radius rounding of furniture items and applied radius ceiling cornices, which give a smooth transition from the ceiling to the wall and make the shape weightless without creating sharp corners and sharp refractions. I wanted to support this form with the most inconspicuous lighting sources that would not interrupt the geometry of the ceiling and create visual noise.

1st floor plan

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

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