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Project description

Our main task in this project was to make the interior a continuation of architecture. That is why we used a light base and wood of the same shade as on the facade solutions of the house.
Thanks to this combination, a minimalistic and very bright interior has turned out, in which panoramic windows overlooking the street act as a bright accent.

The house is functionally divided into 3 blocks – an entrance block with an office, a main block with a common area and a private block with a bedroom. Since the area of the house is not large, we wanted to make the interior as functional and ergonomic as possible, not oversaturated with details, while adding an unusual accent to each room. So, in the hall area there is a dressing room group with a built-in seating area and a hidden wardrobe with a sliding mirror. In the office, we decided to make the worktop "floating" by fixing it under the ceiling. Thanks to this solution, the room does not seem cluttered.

The common space is conditionally divided into 3 zones – a TV area, a dining area and a kitchen area, and in each of them we have also provided our own accents that are harmoniously combined with each other. In the TV zone, such an accent is a built-in planter for a small tree. In support of him, we chose a large moon lamp and a rounded table for the dining room.

In the bedroom, the central core is always the bed, so here we decided to highlight its metal finish. We chose a bed with wide soft sides and wrapped the headboard on the walls so that visually the room seemed "soft" and cozy.

Thus, competent work on the details allowed us to create a modern minimalistic interior, which acts as a continuation of the architecture of the house and reflects the character of its owners.

1st floor plan

1st floor plan

Explication of the plan

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