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An extraordinary house, in the design of which we were faced with the task of locating a number of buildings on the site that were designated by the customer: the main house, a garage with a sink, a workshop, a pub and 5 guest houses, as well as a drift pad.

The area of the plot for the construction of 67 acres and there is also a relief drop of 9 meters, which significantly affected the landing of all buildings on the site. We placed the main house in the lower part of the plot and executed it in the form of a monolithic complex volume that opens when a person approaches it directly. Its main feature is 7 cars, which we placed inside the house at the request of the customer, while one of the cars is attached to the wall and functionally divides the space into a private and public area. Also in the house there is an elevator for cars, which allows you to deliver it to the second floor, thereby you can watch the car waking up in the bedroom or taking a bath. Another feature of the main house is a cantilevered office overhanging the living room, from which there is a view of the living room and the plot.

Guest houses are located on the preserved terrain of the site, above the level of the main house. In each of the 5 houses, we made an accent insert of colored glass, which makes it easier to find your own house for the customer's guests.

The pub, which is also part of the general group of buildings, is functionally divided into two zones: a recreation area with a view of the pool and drift area, and a cooking area. Sliding glazing was provided to combine the pub space with the pool area.

The workshop building provides an apartment for staff and a room for machine maintenance.

Thanks to a personalized approach to design, we managed to create a truly non-trivial object that combines modern architecture and unique customer wishes.


Ground floor plan of the main house

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

The plan of the second floor of the main house

2nd floor plan
Explication of the plan

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