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Office of the architectural studio ZROBIM architects

The office space of designers and architects is a place for creating new ideas, work and creativity — here the architect not only spends a large part of his life, but is also fueled by ideas for creating projects. Therefore, it is very important to stimulate the development of the creative potential of employees with a pleasant, ergonomic, functional, aesthetic space. But we design our office not only for employees, but also for customers. Here we can show them our abilities, our own views and our own style.

Adress of our architectural studio:
Minsk, 11 Bogdanovicha str, 3rd floor

BY furniture

When we work on interior design, we are constantly in search of interesting, high-quality and comfortable furniture. And we decided to create our own brand of furniture BY furniture. And so that you could touch, see and feel our furniture, we opened our showroom. Here you can get any advice and will be always glad to see you there.

Adress of our furniture showroom:
Minsk, 65 Pobediteley Ave (SC Zamok), Zamok HOME, pav. 484, BY furniture

Our projects

Look at the works and completed projects of our studio specialists:

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