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The interior project for a young married couple in the residential complex "PIRS" we have started in 2018. The basic concept of the interior is the "permeability" of space, there is no room, except a small WC, where there is no access for natural light.Also, each zone smoothly flows one into another. For example, the hallway flows into the kitchen, the kitchen flows into the bedroom and the bedroom flows into the bathroom. 

One of the features of the interior is that almost all the furniture in it is made by our design, including cushioned furniture. 

The kitchen has quite a wide functionality and a lot of storage space. Its dimensions are not proportional to the scale of the room, so we decided to make it as closed as possible. The kitchen island has a small cooking surface, the rest of the island is a dining table. The rest cooking surface of the kitchen is hidden behind the facades of the white pantry, which is located along the wall and which bends with all its volume to the front door. which bends with all its volume to the front door. Thus, a wardrobe at the entrance to the apartment flows into the kitchen, forming a single furniture structure.  The whole structure of this white closet(wardrobe closet, kitchen) has gaps from the floor and ceiling, what creates the effect of soaring and makes a large volume easier for visual perception. In the living area, we have a standard set of furniture: a sofa, an armchair, a floor lamp, and a stand under the TV set. Also in the living area, there is a projector and a TV.

The bedrooms (children's, master bedroom) are separated from the living room and kitchen by a glass partition, which can be closed with a curtain on the side of the bedrooms. When these fully open curtains are fully open, we can see almost the entire space of the apartment, what gives more air and a sense of space.

The placement of furniture in the master bedroom is quite non-standard. With small dimensions, we had the opportunity to orient the bed towards the window, what was done for several reasons: to look out the window while waking up, to isolate with the bed head from the living room and the master bathroom and be able to bypass the bed from all sides. Sockets and electrics are right in the bed, and on the side of the bed, near the headboard, there are pockets with gadget chargers. There is also a wardrobe and а dressing table in the bedroom, which goes into the wash-basin base cabinet in the master bathroom.

The master bathroom itself has 2 sinks, a free-standing bath and a toilet. The bath is oriented to the window in the bedroom, there is also a window under the ceiling in the master bath, this window lets in natural light from the kitchen.

Finishing of all the walls and ceiling is made of rough cast. The floor is covered with tiles in the whole apartment. The plinth is made of the same tile.


1st floor plan

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

2nd floor plan

2nd floor plan

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