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This is a modern interior, the main feature of which is a mix of technology and European style, which combines the features of modern minimalism and elements of classic design.

The apartment is located in the historic center of the city in a house built in the middle of the last century, so the initial data were high ceilings, a small crumbling balcony and a standard layout of those times with a separate tiny kitchen and small rooms. Therefore, the main design task was to create not just an aesthetic interior, but a comfortable, functional, well-organized space for the life of a young couple.

The planning solution was based on the idea of open space, that is, we made the entire space of the apartment one whole with a conditional division into zones. At the same time, we left the opportunity to make the premises private with the help of sliding partitions that can separate the bedroom area and the bathroom. However, when the partitions are open, the apartment becomes one large space that can be seen through several visual axes.

The mood of this interior is set not by color schemes, since the interior is almost monochrome, but by details that have references to cozy small apartments in the center of Paris. Shutters, an open balcony with a marquise, stucco, furniture on neat thin legs, French Christmas tree parquet - all these details soften the fairly minimalist design and shape the character of the apartment.

The thoughtfulness and detailed study of every centimeter of the apartment allowed us to create a very technological and personalized interior that will be timeless and fleeting trends for many years.

1st floor plan

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

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