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The main idea was to create a modern house, which would not stand out of the general buildings, but on the other hand, according to its materials, it is not tied to it. In addition to its unusual shape, it is noticeable by a combination of materials that are not the most common among our developers: clinker, metal and wood.

For the facade, we used durable and high-quality materials. The north side is almost deaf and covered by metal scales, the south - clinker brick with wood inserts.

The courtyard from the street is fenced off by a gabion fence, the rest of the perimeter is closed by a sectional fence. The view of the neighboring gardens will eventually be closed by already planted cedar. By the time the interiors will be ready, they will grow up and will be a continuous green hedge.

1st floor plan

1st floor plan

2nd floor plan

2nd floor plan

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