Residential complex landscaping

Project description

Our task in this project was to develop a unified design code for the improvement of a residential complex consisting of 7 apartment buildings. Since the yard space is closed between the houses and the territory of the kindergarten, the concept was based on the idea of creating a separate enclosed courtyard with its own cozy forest microclimate accessible only to residents of the residential complex.

The whole yard is a looped, looping treadmill among green hills with numerous equipped areas of different orientation, playgrounds and sports grounds, recreational areas, covered gazebos for coworking, equipped with sockets.

The central recreational area of the courtyard space is a circular pedestrian fountain surrounded by benches for relaxation. An additional accent in this area is the landscaping of maples and cherries, which will add colors in the autumn and spring periods.

The concept of landscaping is made in combination with facade solutions to maintain the ecological style of the yard - ceramic brick, deverevo, mulch. Most of the children's equipment and small architectural forms are made of wood.

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

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