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Project description

This house is part of our Mongolia settlement project. Being the most compact of the three house types, this house has some unique features. We placed all the rooms on one floor, with the entrance and driveway on the back façade, which allowed the front façade to be very minimalist and overhang beautifully over the topography.

We also took into account the severely continental climate of Mongolia, so in order to prevent freezing we placed the house on piles, and on hot summer days the small overhangs around the perimeter will protect the house from overheating.

In the planning solution you can notice the division of the kitchen-dining room and living room, while at the same time thanks to sliding doors the space can be combined into a single whole. We have oriented all of the main rooms in the direction of the perspective views, which are opened through the solid panoramic windows.


1st floor plan

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

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