Modular house project
  • Studio: ZROBIM architects
  • Architects: Artyom BobrovAlexey Korablev
  • Video: Andrey Kondrikov
  • Location: Minsk region, dacha cooperative «Ouzghorye», Belarus
  • Area: 68 m2
  • Year: 2021
  • Year of design: 2015
  • Category: Residential

Project description

The Smuga project combines the features of a traditional Belarusian house with a gable roof and elements of Scandinavian asceticism.

A prefabricated modern modular house assumes a different configuration for the needs of the customer. All load-bearing elements, engineering communications, facade finishing materials are installed in modules in production, and the installation process is an assembly of the house as a constructor. As the family grows and needs, it is possible to complete the modules and increase the house to the desired size.

The project has implemented a successful combination of eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, functionality and the total cost of the house.

The insulated Swedish plate is used at the base of the house, and cedar wood and Scandinavian larch are combined in the decoration of the facades and interior.

The comfortable and bright appearance of the house is formed due to the two-light space, panoramic windows, non-standard exterior and cozy terrace.

The house can be ordered on our website of modular houses


1st floor plan

1st floor plan

2nd floor plan

2nd floor plan

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